A Guide To The Fediverse – Satanic Edition.

I now have two sites up and running. They are both based around ActivityPub, and do interact with each other.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about BlueSky, and as a brief note I will point out that it reads – to me – like a commercial version of ActivityPub. You can wait if you like, but it reads as the same thing, only commercialised.

Activity Pub

My Two Sites!

One is just a basic Mastodon site ( https://social.satan-speaks.com ) and the other runs Pleroma with Soapbox FE as its front end ( https://open.the-door.uk )

The Door – Running Pleroma and Soapbox
Mastodon – Default Web
Mastodon – Advanced web (there are more tabs, but the next is DM’s!)

There is one major and important thing to point out.

On The Door, it has a chat feature. This will only work internally! It is a feature that is unique to Pleroma. You cannot use “chat” to talk to people on other servers. You must use DM’s the same as you would on Twitter or other Mastodon sites. I would advise you not to use it, but it is there if you want it.

Chat Box

If you choose to sign up for either of my sites, you are more than welcome. I will not tolerate certain things, push it, and you will find out what they are….

So, pick an instance, and sign up via your web browser! It is much easier to do it via the browser.

For the door you can just go to – Home | Opening A Door (the-door.uk)

For Satan Speaks you need an invite – DM me, or whatever. I am sure you’ll work it out.

Observations about the Fediverse.

Without algorithms, you must put in a little effort at first. Twitter and the like push information at you, and initially, you must reach out. Using tools – such as – Debirdify ( Debirdify (pruvisto.org) ) & Fedifinder ( Find Fediverse accounts of your Twitter followings (fedifinder.glitch.me) ) can make this easier.

Once you have the CVS that those services offer you can import it to your chosen instance.

Import data | Opening A Door (the-door.uk)

Import – Hell (satan-speaks.com)

Unlike Twitter, I have found that the more followers you have, the better! Twitter forces things upon you; the fediverse requires you to reach out! So, follow every one of interest! You can always unfollow them if need be.

NOTE- Sometimes it can say it is awaiting approval on a follow request. Be patient! It could be a communication issue between the servers. Hammering the fuck out of the button won’t make a difference.

Direct Messaging is frankly a pain.

You tag the user (EG @satan@open.the-door.uk ) and then set the post to mentioned people only.

It is what it is.

The Door DM
Mastodon DM


Apps are a personal thing. One person likes one app, and another, another. It does no harm to play.

For Social Satan Speaks you need to download an app for Mastodon. They are generally interchangeable, but there may be hiccups and glitches.

Apps for Mastodon – Get an app for Mastodon – Mastodon (joinmastodon.org) (Scroll down)

For The Door, you need Pleroma apps.

Pleroma Clients – Pleroma Documentation

You may notice many are repeated, they work with the same backbone, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Once you have an app, you set the instance to the site you are using

EG – The Door https://open.the-door.uk

Satan Speaks https://social.satan-speaks.com

and then hit login / authorise.

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