Things that shouldn’t need to be said.

Many things in life should not need to be said. I should not — for example — need to tell you not to put your penis on a lit oven. Me telling you that jamming your tongue into a plug socket whilst tickling your balls should be needless. The idea of rubbing your nipples up and down on a frosted car window should feel unnecessary. And yet, here we are. Here we are in a week where the more significant stories seem to be people saying things that they — obviously — should not.

The first should not need saying, and it should not even bear thinking about saying. A young woman was attacked and killed; it appears by a police officer. Any murder is a bad thing and is always a devastatingly sad occurrence. Over the past few days, I have read many tweets and stories about ladies who are fearful when out alone. Women who have felt threatened, been stalked, or even attacked. It’s horrific, it is terrifying, and it is so very wrong.

It has to end. Nobody should live in fear, nobody.

Then we move onwards in this story, and we start to get the men, of which I am one, butting in. I have seen various comments, numerous numtpies posting nonsense. You all know the shite; it happens every time. Some examples follow (these are general examples).

Why was she even out alone?

Well, if she shouldn’t have dressed like that. It is just asking for trouble!

Why didn’t she get a taxi?

She was very drunk; maybe she led him on?

Yadda, yadda, fucking yadda. I shall risk sounding like old Tezza, but let us get one thing absolutely clear here. The victim is not at fault. It is not the victim’s fault. It would help if you always blamed the person who committed the crime and not the victim. Do we want to live in a country, indeed a world where people can’t walk safely in the streets?

What’s this, young lady? Let’s have a look here then, shall we? Why are you dressed in that short skirt and drunk as well! On a night like tonight? Don’t you know lockdown is in effect, why you should have taken a taxi! Right then, let me add these offences up. Well, well, well. I am afraid to say that your punishment is death. It has been rather lovely knowing you, but hey, it was all your fault.

It is a fucking nonsense. Nothing this lady did, nothing she has done, meant she deserved to die. It doesn’t mean she deserves less sympathy, and it does not mean that she encouraged her attacker.

It is not the victim’s fault.


Okay! You’ve got me. I will write about something I hate, something that drives me to the brink of madness, only to pull me back and then laugh in my face. The fucking, heaven damn it, Royal bloody Family. And, somewhat worse in many ways, Piers Fucking Morgan. I feel dirty already.

So I am going to spin a theory. I shall try to weave a tale upon my spinning wheel.

Long interview short, it turns out there is — alledged — racism in the Royal Family (shock) and that Meghan felt suicidal at one point or another. You can see how enthralled I was with it all. Frankly, I would rather spend my time sewing a leppers arm back on with a spindle of six gauge wire. However, Morgans comment (and subsequent) reaction did catch my eye. Suppose you know or knew (my deepest sympathies) someone who is suicidal, what you do not say. What you never ever should say is, “I do not believe you”. You can think about it, and you can say it privately to your friends. What you never do is say it publicly so the person will find out. What you most certainly should never do is say it to the person.

The most definite, stupidest, rudest and most unsympathetic thing to do is this. Wake in the morning, head to work on a national morning TV show. Sit in the chair and declare, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she says”.

We have in this country a lot of issues with mental health, and it has at times been called a crisis. It does not matter if it is Royalty, Dave, the dentist from down at spoons or Billy-Bob who’s sister mama is getting married next week (to Billy-Bob). If someone opens up about mental health, you either support them, or you shut the fuck up. People are afraid of opening up, and they are scared of being stigmatised. National TV hosts speaking in this way has the potential to make that worse.

The old saying applies here, if you have nothing nice to say, then say nowt.

Here is the thing, though. Morgan was not ‘cancelled’ (as they like to call it). He walked out when challenged. He walked out of his job and walked away. If you did that in most other walks of life, you’d be fired, not ‘cancelled’. Morgan pulled himself off the air when questioned by someone else. He chose to go, and he made that choice. I think that Morgan did it on purpose. I think he did it with GB News on the horizon. Morgan is many things, but I would never say he was stupid. He knows what he is doing, and he knows what is good for ratings. He sees the opportunity at GB News, and he wants in. I would almost be willing to bet that he had no cheap or easy way out of his ITV contract.

By Satan

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