I’m waiting for a delivery, and I hate waiting for things. Things like this were easier in Hell if I wanted something I got it; however, I am humaning, so I have to live with it. So what do we do with ourselves? I have edited and rewritten quite a bit, and I have caused a little mischief on social media. Then I start to see things that annoy me, annoy me far more than waiting for a delivery.

So I thought I’d revisit an old subject that irks me and see if I can eke out another five-hundred odd words.

Prejudice… Hatred, intolerance, bigotry. Call it what you will, why humans? You are better than this and I know those who read this will be. But, why so much hatred?

I’ll start with a simple one. If some dude wants to stick his dick in another guy, then so the fuck what? Who gives a fuck, except them obviously. If a girl wants to play with some other girls “sin cave” (Christan Mothers Against Masturbation), then so frigging what. It is none of your business for starters. Secondly, as long as its consensual and legal then fucking leave them the fuck alone. It does not harm you, it does not concern you, and if they are happy then great! Let them be in love, or not, let them have the same rights as any hetero couple. It does not infringe on your rights, and it makes no fucking difference to the rights you have. It extends rights to them, as it should, yours do not change one fucking bit. If it bothers you that much then try it, you might enjoy yourself for once.

Now we get to religion, and again it is none of anyone else’s fucking business. Your faith is your faith, and it is personal. What you choose to believe, or not believe is up to you. Nobody can tell you if it is right or wrong and nobody can take it from you. I usually have a “do not ask, do not tell” policy with religion, but fuck it. If some gonad headed fucking dickwad starts slating you based upon your religious beliefs, you go and preach. Preach the name of whatever God or Entity you believe in! Let them have both cocking barrels of it. Blast them with so much heebie jeebie religious mumbo jumbo that they block you. Have fucking fun and hit the wankers with your full arsenal of buckshot.

Race. Fuck me. This really wanks my chain. I cannot put this more simply. Treat people as you find them. It is really that simple. Some people are arseholes. Some people are so annoyingly bad that you will want to staple your bits to a runaway train and sing ‘oh, happy day’ as the train departs. Here is the thing though, they are not that way because of their race. If anyone is the arsehole, then it is the fucking mutated infection that grew into a human who decided to insult someone based purely on their race. When it comes to racists, there is only one wrong side, the racist side.

But there you go. This is the final message as I hit just over five hundred words. Suppose you are involved in an argument with someone. You start using their race, sexual preference, religion or any other number of things against them. In that case, you are in the wrong. If John wants to fuck Jack, or Sarah screws Jane, it does not matter. So what if someone prays to the tremendous rock-faced potato that enhabits the planet Forkonia, good for them. How does it effect you exactly? Race or colour? Just get the fuck out of here. If you base your opinion on someone based upon any of those things I don’t really want to know you, I have better things to do with my time.

By Satan

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