There is a strangeness in the world, something I can’t quite put my talon upon. My human has tried too, he can’t put his finger upon it either. We shouldn’t be too harsh on him, he is after all only human. That started me thinking, perhaps the strangeness is you guys and gals. This is good though, this is great, there is nothing wrong with strange. Embrace the weird and cuddle it close, hold it like you would a demon that has just been exorcised and needs a hug. We all need a hug occasionally, we all need to hold someone close. The Earth has been in a strange place over the past twelve months, but we all still need that. I am not talking about the type of hug where you place your hand on someone’s arse, I am discussing where it is to let someone know that you care. This will be my virtual hug to all you humans. At this moment, I am like that creature that hides in the corner of a darkened room. I have become quite fond of you all. Like a wart, I have grown quite attached to you.

I read a tweet posted a few days ago, nothing major and nothing spectacular but it started the gears turning. The dusty pillow that is my mind was disturbed, and finally, it settled, leaving a coating of dust everywhere. This is me dusting those thoughts away, wiping the shelves that make up my mind clean. It is essential to understand that you all have so much in common. That when you look from afar, it is like seeing a field of daffodils. We could stay here and look, but I think we should get in closer. This field of flowers could be any flower that you’d like, I picked daffs, but they could be anything. They look the same from afar, snowflakes in the breeze, and fundamentally they are the same. It does not matter if one believes in a god and one does not, they should support and help each other. Like snowflakes though as we get in closer, we can see that each one is different.

Some are taller than others, some hang while others stand proud. Some are white and others yellow. If we look really closely, we can see that no two are actually identical. We don’t even need to look as closely as we would if these were snowflakes, we can see with our own eyes. Two may look alike, but they never are. Petals may be different sizes, stems thicker or thinner. The spathe splitting differently as the flower itself is breaking free of the bulb. Anthers all slightly different, the pollen waiting to be gathered and harvested.

We could get even closer and see even more differences. The spathe’s fabric-like look is unique to each plant. The scattering of cells that make up the petals fall differently each and every time. Much like the dust on my shelves, it will never scatter the same way twice. Each cell is irregular, and many have defects. This though, this is what makes them and you unique, it is what makes you all individual and brilliant. It is what makes you, you! From afar, you are the same, you are stronger as a collective. You should not hate the flower to your left or right, you are all flowers, you are all human beings. You do not have to like each other, you can never like everyone, but you are all the same. What makes you unique is those differences. Those are what makes you, those are what stands you apart from the others. When you find someone that you do not like, take a step back. See that the flowers all look the same, see that by stepping back, you are dealing with another human being. Respect one another, you do not have to like them, you do not have to agree. Be the one that stands tall though, be the larger flower. When you find someone you do like, welcome the flaws they may have, know that those defects make them who they are.

Not one of you can be as perfect as me. I am merely faultless, magnificent and quite fabulous. Nobody can be like that. You should not want to be either that is what makes me unique. Don’t worry about what others think, be yourself, and like-minded people will find you. You have to challenge yourself too, push yourself, try and understand others. If it all fails though just remember this. I think you are all bloody marvellous. Never change humans, never change.



By Satan

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