When Daniel James Killed himself, he didn’t die.

A graze on his head, the only proof of his death.

His nightmare had only just started.

The story follows Daniel, a paranormal investigator, as he encounters strange and supernatural events connected to an old house called Egress. Asked to investigate the allegedly haunted house; he soon finds himself in a terrifying situation involving sinister rituals, ghosts, and a mysterious dark entity.

After a traumatic experience at Egress, Daniel tries to move on, but soon finds the events of the house continuing to impact his life. A series of bizarre occurrences, including a murderer mannequin and demonic possessions, seem linked back to his experience at Egress.

Daniel teams with a psychic named Crystal and his former colleagues at the Institute for Paranormal Affairs to get to the bottom of the strange happenings. They uncover an ancient evil force connected to the house that enjoys manipulating humans and wreaking havoc.

The story builds to a dramatic confrontation between Daniel and this dangerous entity as he tries to free an innocent trapped by the evil force. The ending leaves the door open for future encounters between Daniel and this supernatural being.

Throughout the story, Daniel grapples with the implications of paranormal events bleeding into the rational world, the nature of good and evil, and finding meaning when faced with forces beyond human comprehension.


“I am not great at reviews but this was such a good read that I had to leave one. Engaging, engrossing and dripping with humourous cynicism, I could not put it down. Loved it!!!”

“Lee Wilson writes with an ease of someone who writes because they love to write. As such, Outcasts is a book that reflects a writer doing what they love and inviting the reader to be part of it. And that’s what makes it such a good book. Outcasts is a great concept, with a strong MC, and a compelling world. Looking forward to discovering more of Wilson’s work.”

“Wilson’s dynamic writing style is so absorbing, it’s almost impossible to put this down. I honestly felt the hairs on my arms going up several times, even as I laughed out loud at some of the darkly humorous cynicism sprinkled throughout the prose.”

“The creeping horror is done very well and one scene in particular gave me serious shivers. The plot twists nicely and went in ways I wasn’t really expecting. Would certainly recommend.”

“Lee plays with your head with a subtle mix of astute observation of the human condition black humour and dark settings and themes. A must read”