Politics — The Truth Of Lies.

In 1912 explorers discovered a lost Mayan pyramid in Mexico. It was a significant find for many reasons, but not least because of its teaching. The explorers had hacked through miles of jungle, and the pyramid and tombs were untouched. This was unusual because graverobbers had been known to plunder the crypts, searching for anything of value. The men cut down the long entangled vines and greenery and made their way to the pyramid. They took no time at all in breaking the stones that kept the inner chambers and their contents entombed. Times change, but are they really not just as bad as the graverobbers of old? They are there for fame rather than fortune; though one often followed the other, it was still the desecration of a grave.

Unlike what you would think of as a traditional pyramid tomb, many Mayan ones are different. The Egyptians preserved their dead; the Mayans believed you go back to the earth. The tomb was designed to let the forest take back the body, and it had done so with gusto. The service and final resting was a simple thing. The foliage of time had grown and happily consumed the body and anything else that was degradable. It leaves very little of the body and often takes many of the offerings. However, several things were left this time, but we shall focus on a small dagger.

The dagger’s blade was all that was left, its wooden handle lost to time and the forest. Rust had made itself at home along the crudely forged metal edge, but it was easily cleaned back at the base camp. With a bit of work and elbow grease, the blade was restored and could be seen as it once was. Curiously it had an engraving upon it. You may expect something like the number of times it has been involved in a kill or maybe, the name of a loved one. But no, this knife had a warning, the engraving confused the explorers of the time, but now we can understand its message. The message read, “Boris Johnson is a lying fanny.”

Thousands of years ago they knew that Johnson was a lying fanny; what is your excuse? It is common knowledge, and anyone — at this point — who does not believe he lies is either a liar themselves or willfully blind. I have been writing a very political fiction. It mixes elements of the truth and actual events in a fictional world of lies and deceit, and damnit, the truth is essential. Labour has to be better than the Tories. I firmly believe this, and others may disagree. Still, I am actually more critical of Labour than the Conservatives. You expect a Tory MP to be a shit, I know it, heck, their parents know it. I do not want to be writing about Labour lies, and yes, they have lied. I want Labour to set a better standard.

Starmer promised various things to get elected. He promised unity of the party. You may agree with what he has done to many members and, most notably, the previous leader, but can you honestly say he has promoted party unity? He spoke of defending the freedom of movement; has he really done this? Brexit feels like a word that must not be muttered in public. “Public services should be in public hands,” he said. Do you really believe he stands for renationalisation?

You can not stand on a platform of truth when you were elected with pledges of dishonesty. You can’t stand and proclaim that Johnson is a fibber, no matter how true, if you also used dishonesties to gain your position.

“Boris Johnson lied to get elected.”

“So did you.”

People who support Starmer’s Labour have to be honest about this. You can not call out Johnson for lying if you turn a blind eye to the falsehoods of Starmer. You may think they were justified, as would Johnson, but be honest about that. I won’t agree with you, but I can respect honesty. I supported the previous Labour leader and will support this one, but the left is right to complain about the lies. Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe the ten pledges Keir Starmer made to get elected?

I want Labour to be better! I was highly critical of the Blair and Brown era. I thought then and still think now that they should have done more. Do you think the Tories would have taken it so easy with such a massive majority? Just look at what they are doing with eighty seats! Imagine had Blair gone with electoral reform! Maybe set about on a colossal council housing building program! This is not to say that New Labour did not improve things; you would be mad to say that it was all bad. Things like PFI were used, and I think it would have been better to be honest with the public, but I understand the political need. Sure start, minimum wage, schools, hospitals, etc. These improvements came via New Labour; we would be foolish to forget the good things and only focus on the bad. Though, of course, the bad is catastrophic and is worth mentioning and remembering. You learn from history, after all.

There should be no doubt that I will vote to get the Tories out. I will vote for Labour as they have come second (third in 2015 after UKIP) in the recent elections. Given that the current Tory had sixty-two per cent of the vote in 2019, the chances of him being turfed out are slim, but I will still vote for Labour in the hope that he does get evicted. I do not like bitching about Labour, but please, Keir, do better. Be honest. It is important.

Vote Smart. Vote Tactically. Vote The Tories Out.

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