There will be lots in this that will annoy people. There will be truths that you do not like, and there will be ideas that you agree with. With any luck, we will have more of the latter. So, let us fix Labour, shall we? You humans keep asking, so here is my take.


Starmer is going nowhere. You may not like it, heck I think he has been (to be polite) underwhelming too, so you are not alone. You are not going to get rid of him. If you try, those that support him will completely forget their actions against Corbyn. They will forget the mass resignations, the votes of no confidence, the backstabbing (front if you are Jess), and claim that he needs time. They will use every line that those on the left used when Corbyn was the head of the tower. All you will be doing is splitting the party further. You have to unite to stand any chance. So that means no more “Fuck off and vote Tory”, and no more, “Magic Grandad” and all that shite.


I do not like FPTP. The obvious lousy point is safe seats, but it goes further than that; it goes much deeper. One of the most significant flaws in the UK is FPTP, yes, because every vote should matter, but mainly because of longevity. In our World: Labour come to power and enact the manifesto. Tories come into power and undo all that, then enact the manifesto they were elected on. Rinse and repeat. It is a vicious cycle of erasing and rebuilding in their own image. PR would lead to compromise. Would the Tories or Labour be so quick to reverse a policy if they need a party involved in setting it up to push them over 50% next time? They may need the Lib Dems, Greens, Whomever at the next election.
However, You can’t change the system from the outside. You have to get elected and to do that, you have to win with the system we have.

Community & Policy.

Does anyone know what Labour stand for? What policies are they looking at? What do they want to achieve? For fucks sake, go and speak to people locally. Do not take the press, just go to a pub and speak to people. Find out what matters to us! Sure, some ideas will be batshit crazy (Don’t speak to me), but have a natter. Have a chin wag. Drink a pint and speak to your voters. Find out what matters to people at a local level. Help people at a local level, even in areas where you have not been voted in. Prove to people in Tory seats that you can be better! That you will be better. Rightly or wrongly, people do not trust Labour, go out there and prove them wrong.

Words have power.

Regain control of words. What is wrong with being woke? If someone calls you woke, why not say, “Sure, I am against injustice”. Be proud of who and what you are! Turn the narrative around, turn it back on them. In an interview, “Yes, I am woke. I am against injustice, why? Aren’t you?” Imagine GBnews’s “Wokewatch” if suddenly you didn’t give a damn and you were proud of the word? Take the words back from them, force them to show what they are when they oppose ‘wokeness’.


Hello elephant, Nice to see you in the room! Would you like a cuppa? Brexit is shite, was shite, and still is shite. I do not like or think that Brexit is a good idea. Be loud about what you think, but be polite. If Johnson says that you voted against Brexit, then say that you did. “Yes, I did vote against it. The British public voted to do it, so we will make it work”. People disagree all the time, you compromise, and you work together. In the current political climate, it is essential, to be honest. We all know that Johnson and the Tories won’t be. Be better, tell people what you will do. Don’t talk down to them, do not insult them. Be honest with voters and, for Hell’s sake, stick to what you promise.


This is going to be our most formidable task. This is going to be our Everest peak. I have touched on it briefly, but it deserves its own section. We all have to stop the name-calling. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a Blairite. If someone supported Labour in the years of Corbyn, it does not make them a Trot. The Tories have been bickering over the EU for decades; they come together when it matters. They backstab all the time, yet when it matters, they group together. We have to do the same! We will always disagree on things, but we have to come together and support each other on mutual ground. As said by Jo Cox, “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”.


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