want to steal a moment of your time, just a moment. Five hundred words, no more and no less about lockdowns. I will start with the simplest of statements. Something upon which most of us will agree.

Lockdowns are shit. 

I get it, we all know it, and we can all understand. Not one person wants to be confined to their home, unable to leave or escape. I have read, no doubt you have too, about people struggling with their mental health during the Covid Lockdowns. People need interaction; we all need it. We all need somebody we can speak too and be friends with; loneliness is a killer. So I do understand. I can and do empathise, and I feel for you all.

If I open my diary and flick to any page, I can see this.

Morning – Coffee, lots of coffee.

Afternoon – Eat. Read, write and then sleep.

You know, the usual, mundane, boring lockdown nonsense. The kind of diary that I imagine people have up and down the country. There will be variations. Some people will have children, many zoom meetings or similar, but I hope you get the idea. Unexciting

Here is the point though, this is a page – in my virtual diary – from 2019. It could have been from any year from the last decade, any day or any month. The contents would have been the same or very similar. Monotomous, dull, boring, dreary, bland, pick any word from thousands. I can and have, gone months without speaking to another person. If it were not for the postie, I would not have even seen another person! Even then, I only saw them walking from my house. I am agoraphobic, and I am terrified when I am not in my safe space. I can only speak for myself, and I would only speak for myself, and my safe space is my house. It could be worse. I have read of people who have a safe room. I at least have the luxury of a whole home to roam, small as it may be. Just imagine your life if you never left the house, imagine if you had only one room where you felt safe.

You are locked down, and it is – as I have said – shit. You will walk away from this strengthened. You will have learnt how lucky you are, how things could be worse, how many parts of your life are not as bad as you may have once thought. If you are lucky, you’ll have a life that gets back to normal soon. You’ll be going back to work, but you will be seeing people. You will be interacting with others, and you’ll be working and doing something. I do not ask for sympathy, and I do not ask for anything other than understanding. I know what I am.

All I ask is this: Do not forget those of us who live in a perpetual lockdown. 

By Satan

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